Medical Plan Options – 2021 (PDF)

Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC):

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Federal Government has mandated that group health plans provide plan members a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (“SBC”). These summaries include a notice of modification of plan provisions and a Uniform Glossary of health insurance terms to assist employees with understanding their benefits and coverage options.

SHP 1 SBC 2022 (PDF)
SHP 2 SBC 2022 (PDF)
SHP 3 SBC 2022 (PDF)

SHP 1 SBC 2021 (PDF)
SHP 2 SBC 2021 (PDF)
SHP 3 SBC 2021 (PDF)


Find a Doctor (PDF) and Sydney Mobile App (PDF)
Sydney Mobile App Overview (PDF)
Anthem Sydney Health App-My Health Dashboard (PDF)
Anthem Digital ID Card (PDF)
Medical Claim Form (PDF)
LiveHealth Online-See Doctor Online (PDF)
Anthem Condition Care 24-7 (PDF)
Compare Quality and Costs (PDF)
Savvy Member Action Guide (PDF)
Special Discounts (PDF)
Anthem Bluecard Worldwide (PDF)
Anthem Bluecard Worldwide Claim Form (PDF)

Anthem Benefits & Resources (Video)

Medical ID cards can be ordered online at

Medical and Rx Plan Documents are available online in the Scioto Health Plan Benefit Portal by clicking the Resources tab in